Meeting on “Economic governance, the Troika and the struggles against European neoliberalism” Amsterdam, October 4th-6th

Conclusions of the meeting:

Activists, organisations and networks addressing the undemocratic neoliberal crisis governance imposed from the EU will be meeting in Amsterdam from October 4th to 6th to discuss together which struggle strategies have and are being most successful in each country, with the aim to build a stronger and more coordinated European movement.

The meeting has been organised by different groups such as Corporate Europe Observatory (CEO), Transnational Institute (TNI), ATTAC, Blockupy Frankfurt and the Spanish Platform for a Citizen Debt Audit (PACD) amongst others, and it will take place in Amsterdam’s Conference centre (Lombokstraat 40). Issues such as successful experiences of resistance, coordination of European and national initiatives, common priorities and targets, increasing social awareness and communication strategies will be worked on.

The austerity measures introduced in Europe, the increasing privatisation of resources and services and the direct attacks to social and human rights that are being pushed systematically both at European and national level will be recalled during the meeting.

Many local struggles have been taking place over the last years and activists directly involved will be sharing their experiences at the meeting. Delegates from Greece, Spain, Italy, Poland, Slovenia, Portugal or Ireland will be giving an account of how they are confronting local issues such as the effects of cuts, privatisations, the rise of fascism, illegitimate debt, family house evictions, labour struggles or rolling back economic governance imposed by the Troika.

The outcomes of European convergence, actions and processes that have occurred in the past year will also be recalled:

Agora 99

European Social Forum Firenze 10+10

For a European Spring

Altersummit in Athens

Peoples United against the Troika

Blockupy Frankfurt

Fighting for regulation against food speculation

Activists involved in grassroots movements such as the Spanish 15M/Indignados, Occupy London, Greece Water movement, workers’ control over factory, struggle against mining project in Halkidiki and others will also be present.

Building on the existing struggles and experiences that will be presented on the Friday, the Saturday and Sunday will be dedicated to discussing and collating demands as well as proposing alternatives and strategical ideas to strengthen the European movement. The objective is to find commonalities between groups, countries and different actors, while strengthening the solidarity networks between the autonomous action of local actors.

Answers and alternatives from civil society will be brought up to confront the existing lack of political will to govern in the interest of the people.

To follow the meeting online:

Hashtag #EUinCrisis



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